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With UnBoxable
Nothing changes. Companies end up making the same hiring mistakes.
Companies attract exceptional Talent and can unlock their full scope of potential. Managers can grow their teams with dynamic people who thrive.

Goodbye, guesswork

Hello, Shape of Talent

A new experience that attracts and identifies the right Talent

A Job Simulator is the simplest job application to build, and most impressive to experience. Talent become immersed in a simulation of the work day and are challenged by critical-thinking scenarios that help employers identify a great hire.

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Personalized hiring, code free

Within five minutes, build a Job Simulator that reflects 360° of your company’s needs. Explain job responsibilities, describe core values, and share special aspects of the company culture to attract and identify the most compatible Talent for your team.

Insightful data, smart decisions

Replace guesswork using the Shape of Talent, a profile that details applicants' skills and human qualities. Employers are equipped with the full scope of data needed to predict a TrueFit who is qualified, compatible with the team, and stays long term, with 93% accuracy.

Beat that.

Talent-Matching Accuracy
Faster Hiring than Average
To Find and Hire
Shapes of Talent Discovered

Who does Unboxable help?

If you’re Talent looking for a job, Unboxable reveals your full scope of potential - the ‘you’ behind the resume. The Job Simulator is your chance to perform due diligence on the company, show off your hidden talents, and get matched with a company where you will thrive.
If you’re an employer looking for great Talent, Unboxable accelerates your chances for finding and hiring TrueFits using deep, personalized data. Grow your team quickly and maneuver your company towards success.
"Unboxable gave me the opportunity to prove myself and show my capabilities"
"Unboxable changed how we engage with candidates, what skills they bring to the table, and how we present ourselves to the market."
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Getting started is easy

Unboxable is designed for simplicity and success. The first step is no different.
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Unboxable will never sell data. All personal information and data are locked tight in a secure server and will remain private.